An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with ClicksandWrites – Shajitha Shifa

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An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with ClicksandWrites – Shajitha Shifa

Passionate Photographers group and Team1 TalentShare blogs conducted a photography competition in connection with the recently held ISC-IPEF Travel and Tourism Expo 2016.

I aIMG-20160521-WA0026.jpgm happy to announce that Ms. Shajitha Shifa has been selected as 1st prize winner under the competition theme “Beautiful INDIA”

The winner will get a Merit Certificate, a Memento and an exclusive
women only photography opportunity of a prime event as gifts.

My sincere congratulations to Ms. Shajitha Shifa as well as to all the participants.


Presenting to you her Prize Winning Click:


And her certificate:

An Inspiring moment with Clicks and Writes - Winners - Shajitha

On behalf of ClicksandWrites, it was an added opportunity to communicate with Ms. Shajitha Shifa and know about her aspirations as a Passionate Photographer.

Welcome to read on An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with ClicksandWrites – Ms. Shajitha Shifa

 Me, my life in the UAE:

I am Shajitha Shifa, Computer engineering student at BITS Pilani and an Intern at ECS ME LLC, Dubai.

My photography journey:

I started clicking photographs during my long vacation after my 12th grade. At that time, my only aim was to get my photograph and name published in Gulf News. After getting a couple of my photographs published in Gulf news, Many FB friends and well-wishers encouraged and inspired me to learn photography and take better pictures.  I made good use of the 6 month break before joining my university to learn photography from online blogs.

My play areas with my Camera:

I Love to shoot photographs of bubbles, water drops, water splash, shadows, light painting etc. These things usually go unnoticed to our naked eye. Through photography, we can show others the beauty in these little things around us.

My outlook as a photographer:

Photography is not an expensive hobby. If you have time and interest for photography every tiny object around you becomes the subject of your photographs and even a mobile phone can be a great camera. I wish to show the society that photography is not a field only dedicated for travellers or Happy-go-lucky people.

My achievements in photography:

In 2015, I received cash prize from H.H sheikh Nahyan for best UAE flag contest’s First place winner. Another one is “3rd place for Offshore Arabia Photography contest” and the prize distribution was held at Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa. My photographs were exhibited at Sharjah Art Foundation and City walk Dubai.  I was finalist for “Best student photographer of the year 2016” by photography live and my photographs were exhibited at Dubai World Trade Center. Recently, in May 2016, I was awarded for the 1st position at ISC-IPEF Travel and Tourism Expo 2016 conducted at ISC, Abu Dhabi by Mr. Ramesh Menon, founder Passionate photographers group.

I wish Shajitha Shifa many more success in her life journey ahead. 

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

4th June 2016

Please also find Best 5 clicks of Shajitha submitted by her:


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