An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with ClicksandWrites – Vishnu Krishna Kumar

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An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with ClicksandWrites – Vishnu Krishna Kumar

Passionate Photographers group and Team1 TalentShare blogs conducted a photography competition in connection with the recently held ISC-IPEF Travel and Tourism Expo 2016.

Vishnu Krishna Kumar 

I am happy to announce that Mr. Vishnu Krishna Kumar has been selected as 2nd prize winner under the competition theme “Beautiful INDIA”

The winner will get a Merit Certificate, a Memento, as well as other prime photography opportunities as gifts.

My sincere congratulations to Vishnu Krishna Kumar as to all the participants.

Presenting to you his Prize Winning Click:




And his certificate:

An Inspiring moment with Clicks and Writes - Winners

On behalf of ClicksandWrites, it was an added opportunity to communicate with Vishnu Krishna Kumar and know about him and his aspirations as a Passionate Photographer.

Welcome to read on An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with ClicksandWrites – Vishnu Krishna Kumar

About his life in Abu Dhabi and passions:

I am an Engineering graduate working for an Instrumentation Company in Abu Dhabi. I am also pursuing an Executive MBA. I am also interested in music and social activities. Despite a tight schedule, I always try to take the time out to pursue my passion for photography.

 My Inspiration to click and beginning of my photography journey:

I had a keen interest in Photography since child hood, watching my Dad click his heart out whenever he got a chance to. Growing up from the 90’s era of film roles to the digital phase today, I witnessed the evolution and kept myself updated on photography and imaging. I had to borrow my Dad’s modest Lumix (Panasonic) to feed my passion until the Mobile era started developing sensors to match Digi Cams. This was the time I joined college and Dad got me my first phone, the Nokia 5730 sporting a 3.2 MP AF and Carl Zeiss (Lens). A high end phone back in the days helped me further develop an eye for photography.

My Camera and how I learn:

It was not until I got my first Job that I could finally buy myself a DSLR, the Nikon D5100 and since then I have dedicated most of my free time towards photography. Learning from Youtube and practicing it in real time is how developed my skill on photography.

My interests:

Although Landscapes, Street, Portraits and Candid are my basic interests, working with PS has led to develop an interest in Abstracts and Composite photography as well.

My Gear:

Camera : NIKON D5100

Lens : Nikkor 50mm f1.8, Sigma  18-250mm f3.5-f22, Nikkor 18-55 mm f3.5-f22 & Nikkor 55-200mm f3.5-f22

Flash: Yongnuo 560 iii


I wish Vishnu Krishna Kumar many more success in his life journey ahead. 

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

4th June 2016


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