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It was a period of no responsiveness from me since September. It was a trial. I have been active on community issues and always tried to express my opinion in my favour or against for the benefit of the community.

Whether it is in the UAE or in India, I never changed this outlook and kept an eye always on issues where I could contribute and create a better environment.

However, some actions and results associated with this committed interaction suddenly gave me an alarm bell and I thought I should try to disassociate myself.

It was a difficult effort and since September I kept a “no response” approach to everything. Whatever I see or hear will have no action from my side. I did it. Not even once did I react.

That was a trial period and is now over. Just to see whether I can stay away from the influence of the surroundings! Yes I did and I can.

Am I like that? No, I am not a person who has no commitment to the family and society.

Our actions speak volumes when we live in a society. So bring positive attitude and effect to all those who are around you. I pity those who try to shout at helpless subordinates for problems of their own! With their actions, they bring a ripple effect of emotions and actions to those who are affected by it.

It will not be positive and will have a detrimental effect on those who they interact with. I always suggest to my friends to become the ambassadors of positivity.

Ramesh Menon

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