e Nidhi SREE Nidhi – Christmas and New Year Gifts getting ready for children

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e Nidhi SREE Nidhi – Christmas and New Year Gifts getting ready for children

It’s Friday, and time to open the cloth packets I received from my friends and colleagues to be gifted to the children of e Nidhi SREE Nidhi Programme. I am thrilled, excellent materials; some of them included even brand new clothes and intellectual toys too for complementing my efforts. Tears rolled when I saw those new ones. A friend has offered as many ream of new clothes for their uniforms. God, you have been merciful and kind to support our thoughts and initiatives. My duty is simple now, to iron them once more, roll them neatly and include them in the large box.
Some more gift parcels, including toys are awaited during the coming days. Two more efforts are underway for them and as and when it is achieved, I will share it with you all.
Repeat my call, if you have any good quality, used clothes for children aged 4 to 18 years, white dresses for BOYS, do share them with me quickly so that I can include your gift in my New Year parcel for those blessed children. If you have good quality drawing books, pencils, and tools for crafts, please include them too. There are some talented children in them who may love receiving them.

True regards,

Ramesh Menon

if interested to participate, please contact me by email: team1dubai@gmail.com or
Ph 050 8122319

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