Chances to serve in different ways

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This is the photo of a foreign Sanyasini, who has devoted her life to do seva at Sai Ashram at Vrindavan, opposite to my apartment complex. Apart from doing voluntary service, she sits on the pavement every evening to do biksha to collect some money to meet her day to day living needs. If one gives or try to give a large sum, she normally refuses and takes coins only as her needs are limited.
We were looking for distributing our beloved Ammas dresses to someone needy. And just the other day, this sanyasinis whole dress materials and bags were stolen and she was asking for help with those around. Our contact, the vendors in front of the ashram informed us about this sad and cruel incident, and what to say, a very relevant opportunity to be at service for her.
My loving wife have contacted her and done all the assistance she needs at this moment of desperation and urgency, in terms of dress and other needs.
God, you are ominipresent, and we are at your service…. You know, we are ready, ever ready, and line up opportunities one after another, and my mind says, there is one big event waiting for to happen….. More about it later.
Regards and Pranams,
Ramesh Menon

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