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UAE Today – 27 October 2010

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UAE Today – 27 October 2010

Saud is Ras Al Khaimah ruler as UAE mourns Shaikh Saqr

Ras Al Khaimah: President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan sent his condolences after Shaikh Saqr Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, the late ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, died at dawn on Wednesday in Ras Al Khaimah.

The official mourning has been declared with effect from Wednesday for a week through which the flags will be flown at half mast.

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Adnatco takes delivery of first of 15 new vessels in South Korea

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi National Tanker Company (Adnatco) said Tuesday it had taken delivery of the newly built M.V. Shah, a 37,000 metric tonne deadweight handy size bulk carrier, in South Korea.

This is the first of 15 new vessels to be delivered over the next 11 months.

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Mohammed sets up Noor Dubai Foundation
(Wam) 27 October 2010
DUBAI — His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice- President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, has issued a law setting up the Noor Dubai Foundation, a non governmental, non-profit corporate body.
It will enjoy legal personality and independent legal capacity to pursue all its actions and achieve all its purposes and objectives in fighting against eye diseases and blindness within the emirate of Dubai and beyond.
The Foundation which will be headquartered in Dubai, with branches opening inside and outside the emirate, aims at combating eye diseases and blindness in Dubai and beyond, said Article 7 of the law.
Other objectives of the foundation include contribution to finance and support of the projects on combating the ailments, provide medical and therapeutic assistance to patients who suffer eye diseases and blindness.
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UAE Today – 26 October 2010

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UAE establishes National Authority for Qualifications

National Authority for Qualifications will be affiliated to the Cabinet, have independent legal status and full legal capacity to act.

Abu Dhabi: President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a federal decree to establish a National Authority for Qualifications.

According to the Federal Decree No. 1 for the year 2010, the authority will be affiliated to the Cabinet, have independent legal status and full legal capacity to act.

Under this system, the authority will grant equivalent certificates and qualifications of higher, general, technical education and vocational training.

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Sports – Cricket – Pakistan vs South Africa – 1st T20 match in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi: Pakistan seek to regroup after their recent troubles to take on a strong and in-form South Africa in the first of their T20 internationals at the Zayed Cricket Stadium Tuesday night.

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South Africa draw first blood
27 October 2010,

It was tipped to be a perfect batting strip but it was the bowlers who stole the show as South Africa won the first Twenty20 International of the Cool & Cool Cup at the Shaikh Zayed International Cricket Stadium.
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Dubai Mining firm strikes gold
Yemen is expected to announce a major gold discovery on a concession held by Thani Dubai Mining.

The company, a unit of the Dubai family-owned Thani group, is understood to be awaiting government clearance to announce proved reserves of about 2.2 million ounces of gold on its concession near the coastal town of Al Mukallah, southeast of Yemen’s famed Hadramaut region.

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UAE signs IRENA HQ agreement (Wam)

26 October 2010, ABU DHABI – The UAE on Monday (25 October 2010) signed the agreement for interim headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on the second day of the fourth session of the agency’s Preparatory Commission.

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Sharjah International Book Fair begins today (Wam)

SHARJAH – His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, will open the 29th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair today.

The event is being organised by the Department of Culture and Information at Expo Sharjah.

This year’s event will feature over 200,000 titles from 53 countries.

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Clicks and Writes – now listed as Featured United Arab Emirates Blog on GO! Overseas

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Clicks and Writes – now listed as Featured United Arab Emirates Blog on GO! Overseas

I am delighted to inform you that all Clicks and Writes has been included in the list of top blogs in the UAE. I hope you will enjoy reading the content as much as I enjoy posting them each day and learn a little more about life in the UAE each time you visit!.

You’re my view the listing at:

Just for a change – Colors of Passion

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Just for a change – Colors of Passion

Just for fun – an art presentation. I name it “Colors of Passion” – Life  – full of opportunities…..

Exploring Abu Dhabi – through Clicks and Writes – Umm Al Nar bridge and evening sky

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Exploring Abu Dhabi – through Clicks and Writes – Umm Al Nar bridge and evening sky

Evening sky here is not colorful like many other places. It is rare to get natural and beautiful evening sky. If it happens at one of the most beautiful location, then it is a extra speical. This is one such photo, Umm Al Nar bridge and a beautiful evening sky.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Post 6. 25.10.2010

Exploring Abu Dhabi – through Clicks and Writes – UAE National Day lighting

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Exploring Abu Dhabi – through Clicks and Writes – UAE National Day lighting

UAE National Day falls on 2nd and 3rd of December every year. All the major streets and buildings will be decorated with lightings. There will be also a parade of beautifully decorated cards through Abu Dhabi Corniche. Fireworks and other celebrations are also held.

Ramesh Menon
Post 5. 24.10.2010

Poly Varghese – An innate artistic brilliance decant through strings of Mohana Veena

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Poly Varghese – An innate artistic brilliance decant through strings of Mohana Veena

On a recent personal visit to UAE, Poly Varghese, one of the four exponents of Mohana Veena performed at different venues in UAE.

Although, I could not watch live any of them, I could hear the vibrations through audience comments and news reports.

With interest in music and the instrument, I went ahead and searched for his journey thus far. It was indeed a fruitful journey, to know the musician and the innate talent he has for his musical and artistic brilliance.

Poly Varghese had his initial training in music and other art forms from, the Kerala Kalamandalam, a renowned centre for art and music, an institute which Poly entered as a teenager and later emerged from as a leading Mridangam player . Thereafter, he pursued his quest for music at the Viswa Bharati University, Santiniketan. Here, he had the unique opportunity and access to learn various instruments both percussion and stringed out of which he specialised in playing Hindustani music on the Electric guitar.

A chance meeting with Pandit Viswa Mohan Bhatt gave him an opportunity for intimate access to the Mohan Veena which incidentally happened to be an instrument designed and developed by Pandit viswa Mohan Bhatt himself , who is India’ s first Grammy award winner and also the recipient of the Padma Bhushan.

Poly Varghese has played for the programme “sugamana ragangal” that was telecast on the Chennai Doordarshan channel.

Today, Poly Varghese under the guidance and tutelage of Pandit Bhatt has emerged as a noted Mohan Veena player and has a number of concerts to his credit both in India and now, in the Middle East.

His notable performances in UAE include the one at the Arab cultural centre Sharjah which is part of Arab India Cultural Exchange organized by the Government of Sharjah and at the Adishakthi Ashram (headed by Veenapani Chawla a renowned theatre exponent), in Pondicherry and also at the Centre for Experiencing Socio-Cultural Interaction at Madurai.


After this historic performance, which was held on 16th October, 2010, Dr Omar Abdul Aziz (Head of SharjaH Arab Cultural Center Dept. of Culture and Information U A E ) presented him with a certificate of appreciation from the Department.

His concerts in Dubai was appreciated by HE Sanjay Verma, Consular General of Indian Embassy in Dubai.

During his visit, he had two memorable performances at Indian Social and Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi.

and one at Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi.

It may not be out of place to mention that he is at ease while playing not only the Mohan Veena but also the electric Guitar.

Poly has also been creative enough to develop the 40 stringed three-neck guitar which he has named as the “Poly String Guitar” (bahu thantri veena).

This guitar is designed as a three neck guitar and it is unique because all the tones of indian classical music can be expressed at the same time in this instrument. morevover there has not been any indian string instrument having 12 octaves..these 12 octaves demonstrate the 3 characters of indian classical music. The three necks (finger board) are the bass neck, lead neck and the high neck.

Poly Strings Guitar can be called as the conglomeration of 4 musical instruments namely the tarab and the three finger boards. this guitar is equipped with four electric pick ups which are unique and distinct in its own way. the pick up used for the bass neck is designed to give an acoustic feel the tarab pick up is entirely different to the three pick ups because tarab expresses the natural tone of all acoustic instruments and for this purpose alone was the pick up created . when listening to the tones of the tarab one can listen to the tones of the sitar and the Mohana Veena. The connection of these four pick ups are embedded in an electronic mixer which is part of the guitar and this mixer helps in complementing and enhancing the tones.

It may be noted that guitars available in the market are mono guitars meaning it doesn’t have a stereo unlike the Poly Strings Guitar which uses the technology of an audio surround system and has a 4.1 surround.

As a continuous learner, he is always in the process of perfecting and pursuing deeper the nuances Mohana Veena. In this pursuit, he has developed his own inimitable style of playing and many times improvises and plays his own compositions too. He puts in about more than 10 hours to practise his music every day, which is a point to note for the new generation of musicians.

The musical background and base he has travelled thus far may also explains for his excellence. He has studied Mridangam for several years under eminent vidwans including late Korambu Subramanyam Nampoothiri. In addition, he was also a student of Kathakali under Kalamandalam Gopi and leading Kathakali artists. He is also an excellent Tabala player. Well versed in South, North and Eastern style and ragas of Indian music, he automatically enter himself into any musical stage with his awareness, creativity and on stage improvisation. The knowledge of accompanying instruments add extra dimension to his performance. This make him blend more with his accompanying artists and also take them at their own skill level as he transcend himself into a musical journey on stage.

Having travelled with the Baul singers of West Bengal, he is familiar with their music and can render high-pitched Baul songs with ease. He is also trained in Rabindra Sangeet.

To add more dimensions to his creativity, Poly Varghese, has proved his talent in acting and has been in experimental theatre for several years. He has worked with great theater personalities in India like Krishnammoorthy, Badal Sircar, Nasser etc and has acted in plays of different languages. He has also appeared on the silver screen as well.

Poly is also a music composer and has composed music for films and theatre. In 2005 he won the Jeevan Atlas Award for the Best Music Director of the year for the Malayalam film “Kootilekku”. He had the privilege of having closely worked with the famous music director the late Devarajan master.


He conveys his emotions through his music. This is well explained when one gets to listen to him. It also may explain the reason why many conventional musicians do not really understand his brilliance. Like a bird flying through the sky, or like a river silently flowing with it’s designated course, or the same river, flooded and violently flowing through wherever it is taken during the momentary current, his music has no boundaries. No rules and regulations. No wonder, he is being recognized by more and more senior musicians within India and abroad.

Born in Kerala, Poly Varghese has sufficiently good working knowledge of 9 languages including English, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali and Oriya.

Poly Varghese and his wife Sabeena Varghese (a lecturer in Library Science at Union Christian College, Madras) and their infant daughter Mithra Poly Varghese live at Madras.

He can be contacted on:


Face Book:!/profile.php?id=1283735713

Phone: 00 91 99 40 27 39 31

This interview was done through interactions with him during his visit and knowledge shared by him through email exchanges
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi


Exploring Abu Dhabi – through Clicks and Writes – Corniche

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Exploring Abu Dhabi – through Clicks and Writes – Corniche

The largest hand-painted portrait of Sheikh Zayed. It existed at the Breakwater on the Corniche. This portrait approximately 2,100 square foot work, was done by a prominent artist working for the Municipality.It took the artist, Liaqat Ali Khan, nearly a month to complete the painting.

The portrait has been replaced by a new photo recently.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Post 4. 23.10.2010

Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 23.10.2010 – Strange Situations

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Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 23.10.2010 – Strange Situations

Strange situations

Life is strange and special when we look at our momentary wants. I was with a visiting musician the other day who had come to the UAE for a concert. He was sharing his thoughts with me about life and money and timely assistance by unknown sources at turbulent times.

Once on a journey through a desert, he got stranded for days and all the water and food he had carried got over. He had money in his hand, but it was of no use as there were no shops or inhabitation around. Luckily for him, from somewhere, a bedouin family came and they offered him water and transportation to a distant village from where he could move on. It was a case where money could do nothing.

Back home, I had a chance to watch the pre-match discussion of the first one day cricket match between Australia and India supposed to be held in at Cochin. The commentators and phone in audience talked in length of pros and cons and probable team and strategies that could be adopted for a win. Unfortunately, next day morning I heard, the match was abandoned due to rain.

Many times, we come across strange situations in life, where all our predictions and planning go wrong in entirety. Our life is much similar to what we saw in both the above instances.

However advanced we are in terms of technology or facility, there are certain things that we have no control.

To a certain extent birth and then death. Let each one of us live our life peacefully and for the well being of our family and society without hurting anyone. The rest, leave it to destiny.

Ramesh Menon

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Campaign PASS – Inda’s football – a sad decline – THE NATIONAL 22.10.2010

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Campaign PASS – Inda’s football – a sad decline – THE NATIONAL 22.10.2010

To read this article in original, please visit THE NATIONAL Online.

The article outline the importance of increased support to promote the game. Hope, our corporate giants step in.