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Petrol station employees need shaded areas – The National Dt. 20 August 2014

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Petrol station employees need shaded areas

Driving between Abu Dhabi and Dubai regularly, I have noticed that many petrol stations lack shade in the areas where diesel and special fuels are served. This is a cause for concern as the staff have to work all day under the open sky. I am sure their problems do not end at night, or even during the winter.

I request the fuel company to consider installing shades over all serving points at every fuel station.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

The National, Dt. 20 August 2014

Let’s Try and Do It – How to seal a plastic bag and make it air-tight.

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Let’s Try and Do It – How to seal a plastic bag and make it air-tight.

Cut up a  disposable water bottle and keep the neck and  top, as in  photo.

Insert the plastic bag through  the neck and screw the top – to seal.

The bottle is made to be  air-tight, such that water will not leak, the secret lies with the top  and screw!

This is a great idea to share. Good for us and the environment too. 

Let’s Try and Do It – Making of my little elephant

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Let’s Try and Do It – Making of my little elephant

It is summer holidays time and so let us take advantage of it from within our home. Let us Try and Create a Little Elephant.

It is very easy to create this little elephant following the simple instructions through this picture. What you need is just a combination of circles, boxes, lines and shapes, and fixing it up to get a cute little elephant.

The objective behind this exercise is to underline clearly that each and every participant, irrespective of whether he is an expert or a novice, are treated, guided and nurtured equally here at Team 1 Talent Share.

Secondly, this is a platform for exhibition of Talent and not a competition arena. Therefore, it is a request to children to submit their works, only when they feel, they have done it in complete form with out any rush or hurry. Even if they submit there entry and feel, they could redraw, or retouch it and present it, they could resubmit as a fresh one, so that we could realise the difference, the additions and enjoy the overall aesthetic beauty of each work presented.

This is an instinctive creative platform constantly worked on by me, and how and where the submitted works by you all reach and to what extent is unpredictable. Therefore, utilise this platform with dedication and devotion.

Bring in as many friends who has a creative talent in him or her.

Let their creativity motivate us to present better creative items each time we wish to. Do not hold your thoughts or do not have any inhibitions while you create your works. Accept criticism, if any, with good spirits and understand the mistakes and rectify it the next time you work.

Wish you all the very best.

Ramesh Menon

21 April 2011

Just for a change – Colors of Passion

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Just for a change – Colors of Passion

Just for fun – an art presentation. I name it “Colors of Passion” – Life  – full of opportunities…..

Let’s Try and do it – How to draw dot shaded pictures

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Let’s Try and do it – How to draw dot shaded pictures

How to draw Dot Shaded pictures
By Nadeem Mustafa
Abu Dhabi

Dot shaded pictures is a form of creative drawing which needs lots of patience. One can draw a small or big picture using these technique. However, if you are creating a bigger version, one needs to view it from a distance to enjoy it’s beauty.

What is required to create a dot shaded creation?

A person, who has the confidence, I will do it attitude, patience and time. Of course, you need the necessary paper and pen, preferably Pilot V5 High-tech 0.5mm.

How to draw?

First, take a print of the image you want to draw using this technique. If you are taking a color variation of the picture, take it’s print out by adjusting brightness (+10) and dark variation (+10), and dark variation as black.

This will enable you to get the print out with the shades in it.

You will start drawing the picture looking at this shaded print out.

Beginners can use graph styled paper, creating outlines and sketches. You may also use rubber, pencil, and white ink for corrections.

While creating the face, normally, I start from the right eyelids , then eyes, then eyebrows, then nose etc. Then move on to the left eye. Distance between both the eyes should be carefully scaled. It is also very important to measure the distance of the nose.

Following the shades in the picture, the dots can be put, carefully leading from one point to another. Then start the lips. By the time you finish the lips, you will get an idea of the person whom you are trying to complete. If it is not coming out right at this point of time, you may have to start all over again.

This is just to begin with. Try out your first steps of Dot Shaded creations. In case you face any difficulties, you may contact me here, and I will be willing to guide you through with your queries.



E-mail: nadeem.musthafa@gmail.com

Craft work – Paper bags

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Craft work – Paper bags

It’s summer time. Wipe out Waste is the in thing now everywhere. Why not we too do something in this regard. Handy paper bags to carry small things around. It’s easy to do. Try it out today itself.

If you have a craft work to present, do sent it to us at team1dubai@gmail.com.