Let’s Try and Do It – Making of my little elephant

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Let’s Try and Do It – Making of my little elephant

It is summer holidays time and so let us take advantage of it from within our home. Let us Try and Create a Little Elephant.

It is very easy to create this little elephant following the simple instructions through this picture. What you need is just a combination of circles, boxes, lines and shapes, and fixing it up to get a cute little elephant.

The objective behind this exercise is to underline clearly that each and every participant, irrespective of whether he is an expert or a novice, are treated, guided and nurtured equally here at Team 1 Talent Share.

Secondly, this is a platform for exhibition of Talent and not a competition arena. Therefore, it is a request to children to submit their works, only when they feel, they have done it in complete form with out any rush or hurry. Even if they submit there entry and feel, they could redraw, or retouch it and present it, they could resubmit as a fresh one, so that we could realise the difference, the additions and enjoy the overall aesthetic beauty of each work presented.

This is an instinctive creative platform constantly worked on by me, and how and where the submitted works by you all reach and to what extent is unpredictable. Therefore, utilise this platform with dedication and devotion.

Bring in as many friends who has a creative talent in him or her.

Let their creativity motivate us to present better creative items each time we wish to. Do not hold your thoughts or do not have any inhibitions while you create your works. Accept criticism, if any, with good spirits and understand the mistakes and rectify it the next time you work.

Wish you all the very best.

Ramesh Menon

21 April 2011