Talent Share – Shambo Sankara Deva – bhajan by Suraj Menon

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Evening bhajan sessions continues, whatever the situation we are in, wherever we are. Another opportunity for me to play Tabala.


The above picture is a Powerpoint creation. A visualisation from our family temple.



TalentShare – Paint like Matisse: Online UAE art masterclasses begin on Tuesday

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Theatre of Digital Art launches expert web classes

ToDA Dubai is collaborating with two prominent UAE-based artists, Laila Ali Masri and Amrita Sethi, who will each take to Instagram to demonstrate impressionist art techniques perfected by legendary artists that include Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Wassily Kandinsky, Vincent Van Gogh and more.

Stay-at-Home Challenge

Starting  April 3, ToDA Dubai will run a novel ‘stay-at-home’ challenge inspired by the viral Dutch Instagram account Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine – meaning ‘Between Art & Quarantine’ (@tussenkunstenquarantaine). The concept asks you to replicate history’s most iconic artworks by following four simple steps to recreate the works at home:

Head to @todadubai on Instagram and choose a painting to recreate.

Find three things (or people) around the house.

Recreate the painting with the selected props.

Tag @todadubai when uploading the final image to Instagram.

Read more at: Khaleej Times


UAE Ministry of Health Updates

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All you need to know about Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) directly from the

UAE Ministry of Health page.


Mind Speaks: Anything You Need From Us?

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Mind Speaks 2020 - Anything you need from us
Anything You Need From Us?

We are in a different world these days, that was never expected a week or two ago. The case is the same for each and everyone of us here. A majority of people are now working from home and an important percentage of people are still onsite in various roles, keeping guard to make sure everything continues as is.

It is not an easy task. With huge stress on IT infrastructure and personnel to make sure that things happen, the only option for all of us is to form smaller teams and continue to be in touch through whatever means possible.

I was in a Teams meeting the other day with our headquarters where most of my peers and counterparts participated. What was all the more interesting was that people were expressing systematically, how they came together and acted upon their day to day activities and planning for the days ahead. The way they expressed, inspired each and every speaker who followed, to present clearly their version. None of them wanted to stop!

The highlights of this meeting was the way the meeting organizer carefully listened to each one of them and ended it with the question to them: Anything you need from us? Do not hesitate.

What more you need to instill confidence among team members? Thank you Kevin Hannaford and team for your assuring words. We are super-charged.

The sessions re-affirmed that the management above you and those below you are more determined now, to stay e-connected and be together in mind and deeds and continue to focus on our goals. We Will Win this. I am confident.

#Total #MakeThingsBetter #WorkingTogetherWorks




TalentShare – When The Fingers Speaks

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“When the Fingers Speak” – daily practice session in progress… playing randomly as it comes to my mind. A deliberate attempt to move out from the plus and minus in the real terms of mathematics involved.

TalentShare – Thaniyavarthanam by Palakkad Karthik

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Thaniyavarthanam by Palakkad Karthik At Meenkshi Kalyana Mahotsavam Abu Dhabi during Abhang Mela by Shenkottai Harihara Subramanian Bhagavathar, Harmonium by Nelluvai Manikandan and Dholki by Palakkad Radhakrishnan at Meenakshi Kalyana Mahotsam 8th and 9th January 2015, Abu Dhabi


News update: Abu Dhabi suspends Mawaqif parking fees for 3 weeks

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Earlier, Dubai had also suspended public parking fees during the hours of the sterilisation drive.

Abu Dhabi announced suspension of parking fees on Sunday.

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipalities and Transport announced the suspension of Mawaqif parking fees for a period of three weeks starting from March 30 (Monday).

The policy will be subject to revision and extension.

Source: Khaleej Times

News update: Coronavirus in UAE: Have you seen these priority counters for healthcare workers at Lulu?

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Local hypermarket rolls out new initiative to recognise efforts of medical community in the fight against Covid-19.

You’ve seen the dedicated members of staff stationed next to the trolley banks at your local supermarket, ready to sanitise handles should you require a shopping cart.

There’s also the colourful signage on the floors next to checkout counters, encouraging you to maintain a safe distance from other shoppers.

These are positive signs to promote the unsung heroes. Read more at:Khaleej Times

Earth Hour 2020 – Stay at home and Do It Yourself Activities

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Earth Hour 2020 – Stay at home and Do It Yourself Activities


Today 28th March is Earth Hour Day. Since it is a compulsory #stayathome day in most of the places, why not we all try and share as comments how they engaged themselves and celebrated the 1 hour at home with family. Hope, all will be interested.

To all participants, it is to respect and underline our environmental responsibility and repeat our pledge to protect the planet earth and its limited natural resources.

For your information, approximately 323 megawatts of energy is saved in Dubai alone during earth hour (2018 data).

Earth Hour, started in 2007 at Sydney, Australia is now celebrated in more than 7000 cities and towns across 187 countries to raise awareness on energy consumption.

Really look forward to creative participation with family from all of you

Do it Yourself activities:  – Earth Hour Selfie with your family

Create a selfie board and During Earth Hour take a photo with your family with a caption connecting Earth Hour that you think best!

Post it with #TalentShare and #EarthHour2020

Do it Yourself activities:  Earth Hour Earth Hour Art Competition  with your family:

Brief your children the importance of protecting and keeping our environment clean. Guide them to observe the nature and the proceedings with keenness.  Encourage them to draw or paint and present what they feel about Earth Hour and its importance. Scan it and post it with #TalentShare and #EarthHour2020

Looking forward to your collective participation.

#StaySafe and #StayAtHome

#MindSpeaks : Gooseberry Goosebumps

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unnamed_InPixio2What a nice thought and title that came out in mind today to keep my blogging activity alive!.

True. I open my heart and mind through different media and medium. One is my blogging activity, other is photography and third is my quest for music.

In all the three, I am just a basic student. There are experts and there are critics as well as fans. I do give them due regards.

Now, coming to today’s topic. True. I am getting goosebumps! A different kind, out of fear or anxiety or excitement. I do not know which one is right and correct!

Trying to be a vegetarian, it has been my routine to have rice porridge in the morning before I start to office. Along with it, some dhal and an added marinated mango or gooseberry or spicy pickle of either of them is my routine. It gives me enough strength to take me through my day and be back home.

Rice porridge is traditional and staple food of many Keralites. The porridge made out of boiled rice give lot of strength and stamina. Intake of gooseberry daily gives lot of strength and stamina.

Being able to travel several times to my home town, I replenish the stock of gooseberry pickle each time I return. That means, there is always an abundance of stock and I have the liberty to have two, three or 4 pieces daily.

But, when I looked at the bottle, I found only a few, may be less than 10!….

I realized, I was in a dream world!. I never realize ahead about a tough day that was ahead.

What do I do? I long for having more than one piece today? Only option was to place the gooseberry in a plate and look at its reflection and believe and convince myself, there is not one, but two for you!

Life at times is like that. We are thrown into some harsh realities suddenly without any anticipation or expectation.

The ongoing Covid 2019 situation is also like that. We will survive. We will fight it out.

#StaySafe  #StayAtHome – that is the mantra now. Follow the government rules and guidelines.

We will have opportunities to smile and think over these tough days.