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cbe0c-15052010-gulftoday-highwaymechanicLife at times is strange. I share here below an article from a column I write in Gulf Today newspaper every week. Mostly, it focus on life experiences topping with a positive note or caution. Strangely, the subject of this article titled “Highway Mechanic” published exactly 10 years ago, seems to be very relevant even now. Due to the #covid19 lock down and increase in interaction between several of us with like minded thoughts and interests met together by chance here or at some other places in the virtual world, which would have never happened. With Back to Office now slowly progressing, not sure whether we get the same intensity or interest. Anyhow, the words in my article remain, will remain valid forever.

Highway Mechanic

During my childhood days, it was a routine that every year we go to some distant place away from our small town. Mostly it is a picnic cum pilgrimage mixing major temple/towns in South India.


Being the only available mode of comfortable transportation during those times, we gave lot of trust and confidence to our old Ambassador Car. Whether it is Thirupathi, or Kanyakumari (almost 600 or 800 kms away from home), he is there and we know we will reach back safely. Another convenience is its capacity to carry volume as these trips are a joint family affair and at least we have 5 adults and 4 children in the party. Regularly kept in good condition our car seldom gave us any major trouble during those journeys. However, occasionally, we used to get a fan belt problem, or puncture or dynamo problem, and we used to rely the service of way-side or highway workshops. With full party, we reach somehow there and then mostly we get to see an ustad (expert) coming down or a chotta (student) mechanic running down and repairing the faults within the shortest possible time.

These stoppage times are also an opportunity for the members to explore the place and shop for the locally made specialties. In a few hours, the car is again ready for the journey and we continue towards our next destination.

Almost 100 out of 100 times, these garages and mechanics are never seen again as we never come back that way or stop there.

However, the service they render has been always excellent in quality to keep our (i.e unknown travelers) safety in mind. I am bringing back these old memories today just to reiterate the fact that my journey through these Short Take columns has been a similar one all through out.

I see the role of the passengers and the mechanics many times and some times I am lucky when I get to play the part of the mechanic to serve some unknown travelers and assist them to get going when stuck.

The journey is to be carried out by the person and the driving safety and well being and progress all depends up on how he/she look at it and carry out his / her role. If there is an opportunity to be of service to any one who genuinely requires it, I will be there. It’s an assurance.

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