Talented singer at Kagalahalli

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On Shivarathri day, a special upload to promoted a talented singer I met in front of the Kagalahalli Shaneeswara temple, Bangalore.
If you happen to visit this temple, I will say, you should visit at least once, you will be able to meet him. One of his leg isprosthetic. Details about the temple and its specialities will be shared through a different post.
Lyrics of the song:
Namo bhootha Natha, namo deva deva
Namo bhaktha pala, namo divya teja (namo….)
Bhavabadrakara sada nirvikara
Namo loka pala namo naga lola
Namo parvathi vallabha neelakanta (namo…)
Sada suprakasha maha papa nasha
Kashi viswanatha daya sindhu jata
Namo parvathi vallabha neelakanta (namo…)

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