#NaturePhotography – Day 3

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Honored to be nominated by Leo Thomas for a photography initiative. i.e. to do a seven-day #naturephotography. I have to post one nature photograph a day for seven days and nominate at least one person each day to pass this along so we can flood Facebook with beautiful pictures of nature.
I am posting my click for today – Day 3!
I further nominate a wonderful photographer from Passionate Photographers group Mahesh Krishnamurthy to do the same!!

Day3: Nature at its best – #WorkingTogetherWorks
This is a photo from my visit to Venice when I participated in the Biennale 2014. Those who have been there will know the importance of the canal network and water transport system used for moving around. Imagine yourself rushing with all your luggage and camera equipment from your hotel to the boat station and being alerted that the canal will be closed in few minutes for the next 4 hours for a boat race. Thank god and I made it somehow and reached the other side till the railway station for my train to Milan to get the flight. Etihad had no direct flight to Venice those days.
#WorkingTogetherWorks – why this title? Yes, I take my time with devotion and dedication to encourage that odd Passionate Photographers around. Do not miss out. Do not leave your clicks die in your phone memory cards or hard disks! Show them and let all of us travel and see the world around through each one of your click.

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