#NaturePhotography – Day 2

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20160309_132123Honored to be nominated by Leo Thomas for a photography initiative. i.e. to do a seven-day #naturephotography. I have to post one nature photograph a day for seven days and nominate at least one person each day to pass this along so we can flood Facebook with beautiful pictures of nature. I am posting my click for today – Day 2! I further nominate a wonderful photographer from Passionate Photographers group Shajitha Shifa to do the same!!
Day2: Nature at its best – my home away from home #InAbuDhabi “Wherever you go in this world, home is where the heart is.”
It is very rare to get a rain in Abu Dhabi. If it rains, it is a joy to watch and also at the same time lot of care and caution to be taken to be safe on the road. #StartEarlyDriveCarefullyReachSafely.

Thank you Leo Thomas, Vijay Kumar Shajitha Shifa
for this and passing the baton for the day to Vijay Kumar

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