Railway work in progress raises worker safety issues

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Railway work in progress raises worker safety issues.jpgRailway work in progress raises worker safety issues

A chance drive through the Kulathupuzha to Aryankavu sector in Kerala have brought to my attention a serious worker safety issues. A major railway work is in progress which also involves bridges and tunnels. I was alarmed to see that a huge connecting block for high rise pillars was being lifted by a crane with almost zero protection for the workers organizing the activity. I found three workers without any protection standing exactly beneath the huge concrete block which was being raised and also several workers on top of the pillars waiting for it to come up without any safety gears.

Even the public who were watching the activity in progress were at risk in case of any accident. Talking to one of the officers who was overseeing the work in progress and highlighting him the dangers involved, I was told by him that what can I do when more senior people who knows better don’t take any action?

Crane contractor details are included in the photo college attached.

Worker safety and public safety is of utmost importance.

Thought of highlighting it to @sureshpprabhu , Minister of Railways, Government of India as he is proactive when it comes to preventing a disaster rather than offering consolation after it happens!.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi



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