Mind Speaks – What is Immortal?

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14-12-2015 - Mind Speaks - What is Immortal

Accidents happen in many ways. Many times, it takes a lot from our life in not time. The photographs in this post is from a worksite accident that happened to one of my friend. In no time, his business was gutted.

What surprised me from the photos he sent me of that incident was a book which remained partially burned. Titled in Malayalam “Engane Naam Marakkum” meaning “How can we forget?”. This book was on his table as he was working on it for updating his collection of websites.

Strange was the fact that the author of the book Ravi Menon happened to be also an email contact of mine.

I consider this physical remains as a pointer to some of the principle values I carry on in life.

One of them is sharing our knowledge.


Whatever happens to us, end of the day or end of our life, what remains immortal is what knowledge we had with us and what we shared with our daily contacts. All other things are mortal according to me.

You are welcome to share my thoughts.

Wish you a great evening.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

14th December 2015

@rameshmenonauh / rameshmenonabudhabi@gmail.com

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