Supermoon Eclipse! – Total Lunar Eclipse – 28 September, 2015

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Supermoon Eclipse! – Total Lunar Eclipse – 28 September, 2015

For LinkedIn - Total lunar eclipse 28 September 2015

In the early hours of Monday, September 28, a Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible from North and South America, Europe, Africa and parts of Western Asia. This eclipse coincides with a Perigee Moon. This is when the moons elliptical orbit brings it to its closest point to Earth making the moon look slightly larger in the sky.
Observers in Western America will witness the eclipse at moonrise. With the moon rising with already half of the umbra shadow across it, the low altitude of the moon will enhance the ‘supermoon effect’ even further. The moon will be low enough for some fantastic photographs of the eclipse as a backdrop to buildings and trees or anything else on the ground that you might want to image alongside the eclipse!
UT+4.5 (Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi)
Partial Eclipse Begins 05:37
Partial Eclipse Ends 06:27
Do not miss out. Capture it and share it with us at

This is a photo of moon taken this evening using Sony HX400V camera.

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