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For LinkedIn - mind speaks - mmm to write or not to writeWelcome to read a new edition of Mind Speaks titled Mmm….To write or not to write.

Although, I have been coming out to you through various forms, “Mind Speaks” through “No News” is one special section of my creativity that I cherish doing periodically. It is similar to asking anyone interested in cricket about the beauty and enjoyment of playing and following a Test match. This gives me sufficiently large space to promote what I am promoting all the time in a detailed way than what I do every day. Of course, it all comes to certain small and mundane things of creativity, safety, social values or “whatever”, as someone could leisurely write and read off.

Inspire: No matter if the world stand still, continue with what you are doing. This is what I am trying to do these days. I do it from within, for my own enjoyment. As you see it, I do not do what I don’t enjoy and here is another edition of No News detailing those simple efforts in my own way.

I always believe that an individual’s life must benefit society. There should be some social purpose along with personal. Otherwise, according to me it remains meaningless. We are all in some way or another, blessed with worldly fortunes of different kind. Do not remain contended at that point.

I am in a hibernation mode during the last few days. There are some life realities which are disturbing me. Those are the current financial situation that is happening to some of my friends and known contacts. They may not be the only one in that situation in this current times of difficulties. Everyone is suffering. My humble suggestion to all those who are in that state, is to communicate with friends and family. It can bring out solutions. Do not wait till you run out of options and dig deep yourself in to tougher times with no possible escape route. Especially to young boys and girls. These days, the advantage of easy communication is turning out to be a real disadvantage. Whatsapp, Snapchat…. you name it and you have it as many as you wish! It is just because the conversation is very short and it may not convey the triviality of the situation you are in. At times, due to the large quantities of messages, the receiver may tend to ignore it totally or quick read it and reply in short. This is dangerous. If ever you feel you are not comfortable with your life situation, take time to meet those whom you trust, talk to them in person and try and find solutions how you can come out of it as a winner.

Eid holidays, a bit of travel here and there, and rest of the time working on a dream project. As usual and as I say, I am playing it in my mind, fine tuning it. A musical fusion programme to be presented to a large audience in the 1st week of October. The invocation has already been done to the lord and I am sure it will materialise well.

In my life, I have faced several obstacles. However, I did not deter from life goals. What inspired me were some simple steps of encouragement or support from those whom I regularly interact with in several community issues. Like, the words of one of my friend, who calls me at the middle of the night and tells me, there is a problem with the check-in system at the airport. I have identified corrective solutions for it, and have taken pictures of the present conditions. Please help me to submit it to the right authorities, so that the conditions could be improved in future. Or my friend, who write to me with photos saying that in his area, there are no playgrounds for children. But there is an open space which could be converted to a small playground. How do we go about it? Or another one more interesting sms from a friend – “I am seeing a series of unwarranted activities happening in my area and feel ashamed to remain quiet. What do we do to resolve it? Or even the more pressing and timely pathetic conditions of the roads in Banglore! Driving on those road, even during my short visits and short duration, I pity those who have to commute daily to work on those roads!

Why we as a community tend to live with such situations and do not raise our voice  collectively to have the responsible authorities create a commutable road network? Our time is money and time has come to stop ignoring it forever and live with it. One relief is that not all are keeping their eyes, ears and mouth closed to such situations.

There are inspiring gestures that shows that people silently acknowledge me for the constructive social efforts that are being diligently carried out for the last few years.

In any case, small action leads to bigger joyous happening. Yes, the journey began in a small and singular way is gaining momentum and reaching bigger and wider regions and masses.

Create an attitude at heart with intentions of welfare and selflessness added to it. This is the prime thought when there is some action happening from my side. In our epics, stories indicate how man’s mind reacts to others’ happiness and sorrows. Instead of feeling jealous about others’ prosperity one should feel happy and join him in his success. Similarly, one should show concern when encountering others in distress and try to give them solace. While noticing someone drowning in a river one rushes to save him spontaneously without deliberating whether he is one’s friend or enemy. Likewise our heart must automatically sympathise with the distressed. Good fortune and happiness in this life is due to God’s grace and meant for sharing with others not for one’s edification only. Broadmindedness, concern for others and selflessness are virtues which should be inculcated in children from an early age. Man’s intellect has its limitations and he cannot know everything on his own or learn only from his experience. So, it is always good to look at elders or experienced for guidance and inspirations to mould one’s life to a suitable format. One should not have reservation about learning from others and in the realm of learning, age should not be a deterrent. History has shown several examples of elderly person seeking knowledge from young and mastering important values and virtues in the process.

Utilise your talent or knowledge without inhibition and if you have a good or bad experience, taking cue from this note, do take a few minutes of your time to share it so that it becomes an added learning example for many.

God bless you all and have a great journey ahead.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi


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