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On Nov.3, we celebrated the UAE Flag Day. As part of the events of the flag campaign “Raise it high… Raise it proud” we were hoisting the flag in front of the mall where our office is situated. All management and staff were present representing a high multi-national blend joining together to show our solidarity to the country and its leaders’ vision.
The UAE national anthem was played at the end and we were just dispersing when I suddenly noticed our vice-president Sultan Al Hajji rushing to the middle of the pathway separating the main road from the mall.
I saw a group of school children running between the vehicles to a school bus which had stopped wrongly on the middle of the road for them to alight.
I was shocked and my reaction was also as impulsive as my vice president. I too rushed to the bus, stopped the children and went and requested the driver to move the bus to a safe place for children to get in. All these happened in a flash and we were able to control the children quickly.
We sent a request to the mall authorities and through them to the government departments to have appropriate fencing immediately so that this easy path that tempts drivers to stop midway ends.
We also came out with a plan to reroute the direction for larger groups, especially children to board the bus in safety. End of the day, it became a productive effort with excellent coordination from all concerned.
This spur of the moment action made our UAE Flag Day memorable. We felt happy that we value safety.
Safety aspects cannot be given rest. Safety is everybody’s business.
That is the culture we wish to bring on in everyone’s mind.

Ramesh Menon

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