School buses must be tamed – Letters to the Editor – The National Dt 04 November 2014

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School buses must be tamed

I am relieved to know that road accident rates in Abu Dhabi have fallen (Deaths on roads decline by 17 per cent, November 2).
However, when I look at the way some drivers behave, I cannot believe that we have made any significant achievement in terms of road safety awareness.
For example, I regularly see school buses speeding through Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street, Corniche Road and through the narrow lanes of Madinat Zayed. I see them being driven recklessly almost everywhere in the city.
Are these drivers not bothered about the safety of children, that of their own and other road users? Are they not even afraid of punishment?
More importantly, there is no way to alert the bus owners about such dangerous behaviour as none of them carries the “Am I driving safely?” sticker. This issue needs to be addressed urgently.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
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