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Drive safe
I am always worried when I get to see people driving dangerously. It has been a routine to talk and promote about safety on the road and elsewhere. From experience, I have felt people have to be consistently reminded of safe driving habits.
A moment of lapse in attention is enough to result in a major road disaster.
This is again and again proved when I drive on the Abu Dhabi – Dubai highway.
I was driving back from Dubai a few days ago and found the car in front of me not in control and wavering from one line to another. Feeling something dangerous going to happen as I watched a few distance from behind, I flashed and honked the driver to stop.
I went to him and talked to him whether he was ok. I found him exhausted and sleepy. It took some time for me to convince him to stop for some time, take enough rest and re-start his journey.
Many times, we may not get to be in that situation. I realised that it is not enough to drive carefully. But, we also need to watch out for others’ mistakes.
Beware of others’ mistakes. True to its word, at times we are really helpless.

Ramesh Menon
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