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Benefits of keeping fish aquarium as per vastu shastra.

Benefits of keeping fish aquarium as per vastu shastra.
  • ·        An aquarium generates lot of positive energy and eliminates negative and evil energies from a home.
  • ·         Good, healthy and active fishes attract good fortune, wealth and happiness.
  • ·         Observing fishes in an aquarium relaxes and calms a human mind.
  • ·         Proving food to hungry fishes adds to our good karma.
  • ·         As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu’s 1st reincarnation (out of 9) on earth is fish and hence fishes are believed to absorb a huge amount of negative energy and radiate positive energy.
  • ·         If you feel that a certain problem in your office or home is because of a vastu defect then placing a fish aquarium eliminates that problem.
  • ·         Colorful, attractive and active fishes draw attention of guests and hence they remain more focused on fish tank. Also all the negative and evil energy they give off is absorbed by aquarium and gets converted to positive energy. 
  • Your problems will end permanently with natural fish and its continuous movement in an aquarium kept home.

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Movement of fishes in aquarium generates and enhances positive energy and attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness. Even Chinese Feng-Shui says that the more rapidly fishes move within an aquarium, the more positive energy (Chi) they generate and more prosperity, wealth and happiness is attracted.
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