Our life – a train journey

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Whenever I go to my native, I pass by the railway station. It is a great feeling to stand there on that railway platform and watch the trains passing by. Some trains stop there, some not. Sitting on one of the benches and watching the passengers who continue the journey or getting down or getting in, we could read lot of emotions and expressions. Within that few minutes, everything is over, and the train continues it’s journey, controlled by the engine driver and the numerous signals.
Thinking about it more, our life is just similar to that of a train journey. We get in at some point in it, att some station. We come across many inside and see many from distance and even outside. With some we try and make conversations and then become friends, with some, we may get annoyed and even end up in confronting situation.. We get down where we want to or they get down wherever they have to.
The only difference is in our train journey of “life” we may not have the choice of getting in and obviously getting out whenever or wherever we want to.
So, let us live our life peacefully, beautifully and gracefully well.