Born in the UAE on 14th June 2012

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I noticed a group of little birds coming and sitting in my balcony some time ago and then when they started making regular visit to one of the trees at one corner of it, I knew they were searching for a suitable place to lay the eggs. I did not want to miss an opportunity and tried my best to create a perfect setting for it. Choose to dry that particular plant by not watering it. Kept suitable dried branches and even started feeding them once in a while. 
Soon, I found two eggs and a bird sitting on top of it. 

By then, those birds were aware of my presence and did not object or fly away even when I went closer to it’s nest.

For the last two weeks, every night and morning, I used to watch them taking turns. When I got up this morning, and saw the bird closely, I knew, there was life, real life and not one, but two under it. 

After watching me closely, it flew away. What surprised me was the fact that there was not even a single piece of egg shell anywhere near.

Good wishes to the new members of this world. 
Born in the UAE on 14th June 2012.
I will try and follow them till they become independent.