1st day of Computer Coaching Class to children at SAI ASHRAYADHAM, Kadugodi, Whitefield, Bengaluru

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Dear Friends,

Om Sai Ram.

With the grace and blessing of all Gurus and Gods, we were able to launch the computer coaching class for children at Sai Ashrayadham, Kadugodi, Bengaluru.

Initial plans were to start with computer basic skills and more children were interested and participated in it on their on will.

 I append below an UNEDITED version of email from my wife Rajashree on the 1st day of this project:

“We left at 1:45 pm. Before leaving, I prayed a lot to BABA and our amma to guide and bless me to teach these children in the best possible way.Went along with Mrs.Pragya and mon for the class. 

The children were happy to see us. Initially all the elder boys aged above 12 years joined. But later i saw so many other younger enthusiasts eagerly peeping through the window. Then I allowed them also to join. They were simply thrilled.

They were so happy to learn. They showed so much interest  . They have very good grasping power also.

When I asked them simple questions like the full form of CPU, they just shot back with the correct answer. Then I explained to them the significance of CPU

Today being the first class, we took around the whole system.  All of them sat throughout the class keenly listening to whatever we were teaching them.Some of them have drawn some pictures in their books. I shall email you those drawings also.

It was a nice experience spending so much time with these children. WE HAVE A LOT TO LEARN FROM THEM WHEN WE CRIB ABOUT SMALL SMALL PROBLEMS.


Monu also enjoyed seeing them show so much interest in learning computer.

When we left, they asked us – ‘Aunty neenu saturday bharthiya’.  We told them we will surely come.

Mon has taken some photos of the class sessions. Shall email you””

and now the photos:

Thanks to all the three of you for this great FIRST STEP.
And you, know the children are indeed a talented and blessed bunch. See the drawings they shared with my wife, Pragya and Suraj:

To tell you, I knew they were a group of children and a power house of  talents, when I listened 24 of them singing bhajans before the Annadhanam, on 19th November 2011. The vibration I received was just the same that one gets in the bhajan hall of Puttaparthi with more than 20 or 30 thousands of devotees singing with one voice and devotion… What they need is a Tabala or dolak.. Everything will come, with our gurus blessings.
Sincere thanks to Mrs. Pragya for coming forward to extend a helping hand to this noble project and to my loving wife Rajashree and son Suraj.
Anyone interested to give us a helping hand may contact us on the details mentioned e Nidhi SREE NIDHI  . 
Contact details:
Mr. A P N Sharma – Ph 09845024039

Mr. Vaidyanathan – Ph. 09880109400

Those who are interested to participate kindly revert either by email (team1dubai@gmail.com).

Venue: Every Saturday between 2 pm and 4 pm at Sai Ashrayadham, Near Belthur Bus Stop, Kadugodi Post, Bangalore 560067.Ph 09845024039 (Shri A P N Sharma).

The joyous feeling of this first day is unexplainable.
Ramesh Menon
26 Nov 2011

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