Significance of reading habit to promote learning of a language.

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Significance of reading habit to promote learning of a language.

There is no easy way to learning and executing a language other than reading, Reading and READING. The more you read, the more you understand the nuances of presenting a language in paper and person. Self interest and efforts are two basic requirements to start this process. Then comes SUSTAINED INTEREST. Today, your interest may be to learn how to present what you studied. Tomorrow, it differs. This is quite natural. It is therefore very important to have a clear objective connected with sustained learning and then work on it every day a few minutes. The subject you plan to learn may be literary, scientific or artistic. 5 to 10 minutes of concentrated effort per day will be more than enough. You will realise it as your self learning exercise progress.

How to do this? It’s very easy. Get as many newspapers or magazines in English or any other language you want to master. Read them with interest. Keep a dictionary aside to clear your doubt. It is always good to keep a dictionary, however knowledgeable you are. Read through the main pages and come to the letters to the editors section. Never leave it. This is where you get to see different personalities, their way of presenting a problem, an applause, and most important of all how their mind analyse that particular idea and how they present it to public. One week into this exercise, you will realise, how your language skills are improving – to understand the thought process and to present it in a better way. You will also learn to identify the different presentation styles, punch and will be able to choose the one which you want to follow yourself.

In order to assist further in case if you are learning to improve your English language skills, I suggest you to follow regularly the following newspapers and their websites:


I suggest you also the following dictionary website for onsite assistance:

Another very important site which is extremely beneficial in leaning several useful languages as well as other topics is to visit and select the topic of your choice.

Wish you all the very best in your self and sustained efforts to progress in life.

Ramesh Menon