A must read for every investor -Recent Indian Market Volatility

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Dear All:

Attached please find a very good report from Prudential AMC which has not
only taken into consideration the domestic factors but also the
international factors that have resulted in the drastic fall in Indian as
well as all global markets.

It is a mail, which each and every investor should read.

One get only one or two such occasions in a year to make entry into the
equity market. This is one golden opportunity. Don’t miss it. The following
Indian as well as Offshore funds are strongly recommended. Please avoid
funds that have exposure to Pharma, IT and FMCG. Concentrate on funds that
are more domestically oriented like Infrastructure Funds, Capex
Opportunities Fund, UTI Infrastructure Fund, ING Domestic Opportunity Fund,
power sector fund and in the Midcap space Reliance Growth Fund.

It will be a great idea to get investors sign up for ING ZIP and choose ING
Domestic Opportunities Fund as it give an investor Daily Rupee Cost
averaging facility. Please don’t ignore this fund any more as responsible

On the offshore front our top recommendation is Prudential IOIF
Infrastructure Fund.

Stay away from SE Asian markets and European markets which may get badly hit
on account US economy slowdown. Our only recommendations beyond the
boundaries of India is Templeton BRIC Fund.

Apart from this recommend Birla Sunlife India Advantage Fund.

Finally, in view of the attractive valuation one of the biggest beneficiary
will be Reliance Natural Resources Fund NFO. The fund is having fresh funds
and it is getting deployed at very attractive valuations. I am sure this
will be on the top of the performance chart 1 year from now. Stocks which
the fund proposes to invest into have got battered and are available at
substantial discount.

With today’s fall the Indian Markets are trading at around 13.5 forward p/e;
which is something no investor can afford to ignore.

Anyone who is weak hearted make he/she may invest in ICICI Prudential FMP
(which is currently on) which can deliver a return of over 15% p.a. with
capital protection at the downside.

With warm regards,

Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Senior Vice President
Barjeel Geojit Securities LLC

Tel: +9714 3555900 Extn 202
Fax:+9714 3555903
Cell: +97150 6244740
Email: ramesh@barjeel.ae

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