Elephant’s bath

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Elephant’s bath

How to make this forum lively? Good topics and good comments. Thought of adding a hot scene. Why not a bathing scene? Don’t panic.

Elephant’s bath – The temple elephant at the Ernakulam (Kerala) Shiva Temple, getting readied by giving a royal bath by its mahout, before the Araattu procession on the final day of the Ernakulam Shiva Temple festival.

Uploading it for our children to view. Look, how obedient he is with his mahout now.
When you view it, you will realise, how close I was, Just a trunk distance away from it. And imagine, his state of violence, if ever he is hurt or intimidated.

It shows that our provocative actions, are only and only responsible, for any violent reactions.

Enjoy viewing and show it to your children too.

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