Be fact-based

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Be fact-based

Mr Pradeep Nevatia

Mr Pradeep Nevatia, President and CEO, Ninestars Information Technology Ltd, is credited for bringing the ‘Integrated Six-Sigma Program’ and TQM (Total Quality Management) practices from the manufacturing to the BPO industry. Mr Nevatia is a post-graduate in industrial engineering from NITIE, Mumbai, and a alumnus of Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. He has co-authored Brand-Wise, Leveraging People to Create Powerful Brands (2004, East West Publications). Here’s his take on four questions from Business Line:

Two things that my education/ training taught me:

Structured thinking.

Systemic planning and analysis.

Two things I learnt from my work/real life:

Be balanced.

Be fact-based.

One quality I look for the most in a new recruit:

The capability of the person to go beyond oneself.

A book that I read recently:

Lie and a Truth, by Nandan Gautam

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