Take success and failure in the right spirit

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Take success and failure in the right spirit

Mr Hasan Abdul Kader

Mr Hasan Abdul Kader is the Managing Director of CCS Infotech Ltd. A BE (Computer Science) from National Institute of Technology (formerly Regional Engineering College), Tiruchi, he has more than 18 years of experience in management, public relations, product branding and overseas marketing. Here’s his take on four questions from Business Line.

Two things that my education/training taught me:

Improved analysing and decision-making abilities.

Believe in social responsibilities.

Two things I learnt from my work/real life:

Success and failure have to be taken in the right spirit.

Broad vision coupled with strategic effort will yield results.

One quality I look for the most in a new recruit: The ability to take/see every opportunity as a commitment and challenge.

A book that I read recently:

The Argumentative Indian, by Amartya Sen.

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