Principled life leads to success

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Principled life leads to success

Himanshu Baid

Mr Himanshu Baid, Managing Director, Poly Medicure, started his business of manufacturing healthcare disposables in 1997 under the brand name Polymed. His aim is to build his company as the most reputed and trusted company in the medical disposables industry.

Mr Baid, after completing his BE, joined Philips in Germany where he gained vital experience in international trade. His stint in Philips helped him understand the psyche of international marketers.

An avid follower of tennis and cricket, Mr Baid likes spending time with his wife and two sons in his spare time. Here’s his take on four questions from Business Line:

Two things that my education/training taught me:

Principled life leads to success.

Punctuality and self-confidence.

Two things I learnt from my work/real life:

To be strong and face the challenges.

Passion and enthusiasm to learn from every aspect of life.

One quality I look for the most in a new recruit:

The ability to understand the needs and requirements of the organisation and being honest towards the company and to himself.

A book that I read recently:

The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell.

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