Team 1 news – 479 dt 15082007 – 60th Independence Day Special

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Dear members,

A warm welcome to all of you to sit, relax and read through the 60th Independence Day Special edition of Team 1 news.

India is a land of tradition and 60th Birthday is one which all family members take pride and care to celebrate in the best way and pay tribute to those whom we love and lived with. On such occasions we all tend to give a gift of our choice. As a truly patriotic Indian, it is my simple and humble gift to my mother country and fellow Indians. If I am able to generate a Positive and Quality feeling in you to contribute and build our nation to a greater height, I will be more than satisfied. Making an effort is something which is always better than doing nothing. I believe totally in it.

Do not hold on to your thoughts and ideas. If you would like to contribute to Team 1 with your own articles, photos or any thing which is of Quality Value to our readers, please email them at .

For a pdf version of the newsletter in full, please email your request to

God Bless,

Ramesh Menon

2 thoughts on “Team 1 news – 479 dt 15082007 – 60th Independence Day Special

    Anonymous said:
    August 16, 2007 at 4:30 am

    Good one.
    What about Pakistan?

    S Saleem


    Anonymous said:
    August 16, 2007 at 4:30 am

    Dear Ramesh,

    Thank you so much for nice collection of INDEPENDENCE DAY News. I just had only a glance and reserved full reading for tonight. You have taken lot of pain to compile such useful information in a nut shell.

    I will write more after I read in full. Once again congrats for excellent work being done by you.


    Srinivasan Royakottai


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