Maximum speed limit on many roads in Dubai ‘to be lowered’

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Maximum speed limit on many roads in Dubai ‘to be lowered’
By Ashfaq Ahmed, Staff Reporter / GULF NEWS Published: August 14, 2007, 23:35

Dubai: Motorists beware: the maximum speed limit on many of Dubai’s roads, including Shaikh Zayed Road, will be changed soon.

The maximum speed on Shaikh Zayed Road from Interchange two to Interchange five (Dubai Marina) will be reduced from 120km per hour to 100km per hour, confirmed an official from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

The speed limit from Al Garhoud Bridge to Interchange two is already 100km per hour. Motorists are allowed to drive at least 20km above the given speed limit before they are caught by radars and cameras. The minimum speed limit will remain at 60km per hour.

“We are in the process of revising speed limits on most of Dubai roads in order to reduce fatal accidents, because speeding is the main killer,” said Badr Al Siri, Director of Traffic Department at Roads and Traffic Agency in RTA.

He said 240 out of 312 people were killed in accidents caused by speeding last year. Around 45 people were killed and 273 got injured in 122 accidents last year on Shaikh Zayed Road alone.

He said the speed limit will also be reduced from 120km to 100km per hour on Al Khail Road. Also, we are planning to revise speed limit from 100km per hour to 80km per hour on a number of roads. “The measures are being taken after extensive studies,” he said.

Some 136 people have been killed on Dubai roads during the first six months of this year.

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