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Sai Bhajan – Jaya Devi Deena Dayamayi by Jayanth Bhat

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Sai Bhajan – Jaya Devi Deena Dayamayi


Jaya Devi Deena Dayamayi

Jagat Janani Durga Bhavani [ Jaya Devi … ]

Jai Jai Sai Sangeeta Vinodini

Janani (San)Geeta Vinodini [ Jai Jai Sai Sangeeta ]

Jaya Partheeshwari Jaya Bhuvaneshwari

Om Sri Sairam – Daily Sai Bhajans

I always believe, when we do things with Bhagavan’s Nama Smarana, Only and only good things – more good things will happen. To me, to you and to all of us.

Here is a Playlist created on SoundCloud adding Sai Bhajans by devotees from across the world:


Welcome to send me your diving bhajan singing sessions each day by whatsapp (00971552453151) and I will continue to add them to this link.

Please send bhajans as individual recording – song by song – for convenient upload.

There are thousands and thousand of devotees, who derive bliss from listening to these bhajans and they look forward to it each time we upload.

Om Sri Sairam