Veeramani Raju’s experiences on Sabaraimala Darshan

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Today is Pankuni Uthram. A very very special day for Ayyappa devotees.
A pilgrimage to Sabarimala temple in Kerala in the olden days used to be a long, hard, traditional, rigorous affair with lot of devotion, discipline and dedication involved. I remember, in the 70s when my maternal uncle and my father used to go by walking for Sabarimala darshan. It used to be 10-15 days trip with absolutely no communication once they start till they return. It has changed significantly now. With modern facilities, faster transportation and increased communication facilities, it has become a casual affair for many. In this video veteran singer Veeramani Raju shares his experience of Sabarimala darshan and cautions devotees to not take it lightly whenever they plan their Sabarimala trips.
Swami Saranam.
Welcome to share this video and spread his glory. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa.


I wish they released some water!

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57504861_10156169756921088_7613971551079104512_nAs an ardent devotee of Ayyappa, I visited the temple recently. Pampa, the first stop for all on way to the hill shrine, was almost dry… Wish the Devaswom Board authorities and Government took some effort to release water from one of the connecting dam/reservoirs to the river, to keep the hygiene aspect alive. The photos speak. What to say, who to tell?

You can also see the conditions of the water taps/drinking water system for devotees enroute to Sannidhanam from Pampa. Of course, there is something new installed in place, titled RO water system, but imagine the water is pumped from the above filth!.. I am pretty sure, none opted for it!.

Really have to praise the support staff, police personnel and others who have to be their on duty during these difficult times. Maybe their prayers have more power than the devotees!.

I really wonder, when they will give some values for HSEQ factors of pilgrims / devotees visiting?