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Tourism and in particular the cruise boat industry have been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In Kerala, several houseboats had to be kept moored and in safe condition. Slowly, they are coming back to business. In case, you have a plan to create an event, whether it is corporate or private, here is a contact. You can refer my name.

Greetings from BLUE JELLY CRUISES & RESORTS – The Ultra Luxury Houseboat & Resorts at Alleppey.

BLUE JELLY CRUISES & RESORTS PVT LTD is an ultra-luxury experiential travel company based in Alleppey, Kerala. Its flagship backwater carriers, THE BLUE JELLY ONYX and THE BLUE JELLY OPAL, embody the company’s spirit of delivering the most luxurious of experiences to the modern day traveller visiting Central Kerala.


Contact Number :- +9188053612,+917560994994

Houseboats have, for the last two decades, been the perfect companion to travellers craving a slice of Kerala’s rustic marvels. In fact, ever since these former rice-carrying barges were modified as vessels of leisure, Kerala’s backwaters have found a place on everyone’s travel bucket list. And now as global travellers seek the next stage in houseboat innovation, it’s time to welcome the only name in ultra-luxury houseboat tourism.

Blue Jelly Luxury Cruises proudly presents to you its range of ultra-luxury houseboats: ‘The Blue Jelly Onyx’ and ‘The Blue Jelly Opal’. With a third boat being readied to set sail by the end of this year, the Blue Jelly houseboats are the most luxurious vessels ever, to grace the world’s greatest water network.

Houseboats can be the most relaxing experience for any age of people. Each boat is draped with the finest of fittings, and showcases the best of boat craftsmanship. Broad, majestic and opulent in form, these royal water chariots have been designed to make you feel like the ‘King of the Backwaters’.

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