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Pearl Harvesting in the UAE

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UAE has a very old tradition of pearl harvesting. Today, I was able to meet a young emirati who was passionate about the tradition and history behind it. Hearing him, I knew this is one additional item I need to include in my topics to promote UAE to the world around.
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UAE culture must be respected – Letters to the editor – The National

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UAE culture must be respected
Visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque the other day, I witnessed something embarrassing. It is good that the authorities show leniency towards visitors, so as to make their stay as comfortable as possible. That includes relaxation of the dress code.
However, such gestures should never be taken for granted, especially while visiting a religious place.
Unfortunately, that’s what happened when a bus full of scantily dressed tourists arrived at the mosque. Of course, they had to cover once they were in the queue to get in. But they definitely raised a few eyebrows.
I believe it’s the duty of everyone to show respect towards the culture of this country. How to convey this message to tourists is a matter of discussion. Should it start from the point of immigration, or is it the responsibility of the host, such as hotels where they stay, and tour operators?

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
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Jebel Hafeet Descend

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Al Ain Jebel Hafeet descend on a rainy day. Beautiful, serene and one of the must visit place in the UAE. Video taken using Samsung S4 Zoom mounted on to the car and listening to one of my favorite music station Radio 4 Hum Fm on a Friday afternoon.
A Park, Ride and Click project by Passionate Photographers.