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24/7 helpline for Indian workers is a hit, already Sajila Saseendran

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24/7 helpline for Indian workers is a hit, already Sajila Saseendran

24/7 helpline for Indian workers is a hit, already Sajila Saseendran

26 November 2010 Mir Liyaqat Ali’s 15-year-old son, Ibrahim, was hit by a speeding car on November 7 and suffered a femur fracture. His right thighbone broke into two and he underwent two surgeries, the second one on Wednesday.

The driver of the car, which hit Ibrahim, is out on bail and Ali has been in the dark about the legal procedures to make a claim for the damages. When he read about the helpline of Indian Workers’ Resource Centre launched by the visiting Indian President Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Ali rang up the toll-free number 800 INDIA (80046342). “I was given a reference number and they said that they will get back to me at the earliest after consulting a legal expert. They were very nice to me,” he told Khaleej Times.

Devoted toll-free number for Indian expats

Indian expatriates needing help anytime now have a lifeline. All they need to do is call the toll-free number 800 India.

Several Indian expatriates like Ali have sought the help from the Resource Centre since its launch on Tuesday evening. Minutes after the helpline number was announced, a person who was identified as J. Jayakrishnan rang up the centre to ask for procedures to follow in the case of a damaged passport.

It was the beginning of a flurry of calls to IWRC, an initiative of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) to offer a 24/7 helpline and legal, financial and psychological counselling services to Indian expatriates, especially the unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

Amjad Auzam of VFS Global, which is running the Centre, said over 400 calls were received by Thursday evening. “Based on the statistics we collect over these initial days, we will consider increasing the number of agents attending the calls after consulting the Embassy and the Consulate.”

He said that the walk-in counter which functions from 3pm to 7pm daily at the centre in Bank Street in Dubai also received a handful of workers with miscellaneous petitions on the first two days.

Dr K. Elangovan, counsellor (Community Affairs) at the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, said the initial response to the centre was “fantastic.”

“We hope the members of the community will also make use of the information provided on the centre’s website — http://www.iwrc-uae.com. The FAQ section on the site answers about 170 questions. These are pertaining to complaints that we regularly receive from people. We have formulated them into points and legally vetted them after consulting lawyers,” said Dr Elangovan, who is also in charge of monitoring the operations of IWRC for the Embassy.

Step-wise information related to passport and visa services, death formalities, emergency certificates, workers and housemaids have been given in the FAQ section.

According to Dr A Didar Singh, secretary in the MOIA, lack of awareness about the legal procedures and services is one of the biggest problems being faced by Indian workers. Secondly, they have individual problems pertaining to employment, salary disbursement, living conditions, financial issues and family problems.

These issues will be discussed during awareness classes to be conducted by the IWRC. “The campaign will begin from December 15. Our plan is to conduct at least two sessions on every Friday and hold about 10 sessions in different emirates in a month. From January, VFS Global will also take charge of the Shelter Home for maids and domestic workers run by the Indian Consulate in Dubai,” said Dr Elangovan.

The president also launched a website of the centre — www.iwrc-uae.com.


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How to Get Blood in an Emergency (for those in India)

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Now it has become easier to get the blood we need. 
(For those in India)
Just type “BLOOD and send SMS to “96000 97000” ( India ) 

Ex : “BLOOD B+” 

A BLOOD DONOR WILL CALL YOU within minutes … 

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Free Heart Surgery in Bangalore for poor children

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Free Heart Surgery in Bangalore for poor

Heavy tinting on Calicut Mayor’s car – is it required for a public representative’s vehicle

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Heavy tinting on Calicut Mayor’s car – is it required for a public representative’s vehicle

The blockade of Calicut Mayor Mr. Bhaskaran’s car by Youth Congress activists at Kolathur near Kondottye which was telecast by several news channels on TV brought out an interesting observation. The car windows have been heavily tinted. Looking at it, I felt, the grade of tinting used is much more than the permissible limit, even in countries where extreme hot weather conditions prevail (for example UAE).

This is an indirect invitation to conduct illegal activities and accompaniment of unwarranted personnel in an official vehicle during official and non-official time.

Authorities should initiate necessary measures to trim down the grading of tinting on all public vehicles and strictly make it a decent light tinting only.
True regards,
Ramesh Menon
To read the related news, visit THE HINDU online.
Youth Congress workers block Mayor’s car

Staff Reporter THE HINDU Dt. 18 September 2010

MALAPPURAM: Youth Congress activists blocked Kozhikode Mayor M. Bhaskaran at Kolathur near Kondotty on Friday, alleging that he violated the model code of conduct for elections by using his official vehicle to attend a programme organised by Left supporters.

The Mayor was to inaugurate an airport march by the Malabar Chamber of Commerce and the Janakeeya Samiti of Calicut International Airport in protest against the alleged neglect of Malabar’s passengers by Air India.

Mr. Bhaskaran claimed that he was heading for the airport to meet airport director G. Chandramouli and officials of the national carrier to discuss the problems caused by the recent rescheduling and cancellations of some Air India flights. However, Youth Congress activists insisted that the Mayor use his official vehicle to attend an agitation spearheaded by a group of people owing allegiance to the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Request to KMF society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing Milk products

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Request to KMF society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing Milk products

As we climb the Chamundi Hills Banglore, we get to see a warning board requesting us to keep the place free of plastics. I was happy to see it as I drove up. A visit to the temple and then to the exclusive Nandini Shoppe let me down completely. The outlet is selling milk products in plastic sachets which are thrown around by customers after consumption. Why not they start using “Aseptic Packaging materials” to pack and distribute milk products. It will be environment friendly and more cost effective. I am sure Indian Packaging Industry has advanced technological know-how to come out with economically and environment friendly products for manufactures and consumers.

I request KARNATAKA CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS’ FEDERATION LIMITED society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing milk products.

Campaign – Appeal to bring Metro @ Whitefield Stn (Kadugodi)

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Campaign – Appeal to bring Metro @ Whitefield Stn (Kadugodi)

Background (Preamble):

Metro at Bangalore is the right step forward towards making this city truly international. This will not only reduce congestion on our overloaded road transport but will also be environment friendly. The need to cut trees for road widening or using own vehicle for commuting will be nullified to a great extent. Travel by Metro will be convenient, safe and affordable for all.

This petition is created for awareness and to bring all like minded people on single platform of having Metro at Whitefield station (Kadugodi). There are multiple reasons to do so and few have been highlighted below:

1) Whitefield station is the last railway outpost of Bangalore connecting southern lines with ample parking space for future Metro expansion.

2) Kadugodi bus stand (which is fully functional with Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Big 10 and other buses plying on this route) is the confluence where in people arriving from Hoskote and Kolar change their transport to catch appropriate city bus. It is also used by residents in and around Kadugodi/ Whitefield to commute.

3) Major existing residential/ commercial/ office projects and upcoming projects in the vicinity of Kadugodi area makes a fully functional Metro a must to avoid traffic, pollution and stress.

We, the undersigned, appeal to bring Metro at Whitefield station, Kadugodi!!!


Kindly log on to the above link and sign your support to this move.

Thanks and regards,

Ramesh Menon

An easy and safe Park and go option – Impose heavy fines for parking violations

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An easy and safe Park and go option – Impose heavy fines for parking violations

During my recent visit to Bangalore’s Commercial Street on two ocassions, I witnessed a series of parking violations. Although there are traffic wardens, parking bays and payment options, I noticed drivers parking at will ignoring the inconvenience of the other commuters.

A casual talk with the roadside vendors revealed an interesting information. The fines are too low that drivers ignore instructions and ignoring an civic responsibilities and park wherever they want and go finish there work and come back.

Even if there cars are locked they have to pay only a nominal fine and the lock act as a safety for their vehicles with added police protection.

I think it is time the authorities impose heavier fines and initiate stricter measures to curb such traffic violations causing inconvenience to road users.

Ramesh Menon

Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at new Kadugodi flyover

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Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at new Kadugodi flyover

Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at newly opened Kadugodi flyover

The new flyover at Kadugodi opposite to Brindavan ashram is proving a great help to all commuters in terms of saving time and travel comfort. However, a minor design flaw has already created a dangerous driving situation there. Drivers, especially of autos and bikes are wrongly entering the bridge without taking the u-turn designated for them causing accidents. This bridge has considerable amount of truck traffic and already several minor accidents have been witnessed by residents nearby.

Before a major accident involving loss of life happens, I request the authorities to install necessary signage about the availability of a designated u-turn a few distance away from the entrance of the bridge. Installation of an extended road divider will also make it impossible for such dare devil drivers to access the bridge easily breaking the traffic rules.

Ramesh Menon

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Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at new Kadugodi flyover

Kadugodi Fly Over – A need for Bridging a commuting gap

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Kadugodi Fly Over – A need for Bridging a commuting gap

Being a resident of Kadugodi village, whitefield area, I always have to depend on the Whitefield railway gate to go across to the main town. The fly over to ease the smooth flow of traffic at the Kadugodi area / Whitefield station, which is situated just in front of the Sai Baba ashram has been remaining incomplete for a considerable period of time. Every train passing through the station, a lot of man hours is being wasted, waiting for the railway gate to be opened for another couple of minutes of traffic flow, before a train arrives. This is to be considered as this road connects the village to Whitefield and has an easy access towards the airport road and many prominent institutions situated in and around. Precious time lost by all every time they use this road, without any sign of this incomplete work being carried out in the near future enabling smooth passage too and fro. Photo of the incomplete bridge is attached herewith.

Through a series of email and news postings, I sincerely request authorities to consider completion of this essential fly over for general public without any further delay.

Thanking you in advance and sincere regards to all your excellent administrative and public convenience measures.

Ramesh Menon
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Public Safety concerns – Measures required to control the speeding of cars carrying Ministers and other government officials

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Public Safety concerns – Measures required to control the speeding of cars carrying Ministers and other government officials