Heavy tinting on Calicut Mayor’s car – is it required for a public representative’s vehicle

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Heavy tinting on Calicut Mayor’s car – is it required for a public representative’s vehicle

The blockade of Calicut Mayor Mr. Bhaskaran’s car by Youth Congress activists at Kolathur near Kondottye which was telecast by several news channels on TV brought out an interesting observation. The car windows have been heavily tinted. Looking at it, I felt, the grade of tinting used is much more than the permissible limit, even in countries where extreme hot weather conditions prevail (for example UAE).

This is an indirect invitation to conduct illegal activities and accompaniment of unwarranted personnel in an official vehicle during official and non-official time.

Authorities should initiate necessary measures to trim down the grading of tinting on all public vehicles and strictly make it a decent light tinting only.
True regards,
Ramesh Menon
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Youth Congress workers block Mayor’s car

Staff Reporter THE HINDU Dt. 18 September 2010

MALAPPURAM: Youth Congress activists blocked Kozhikode Mayor M. Bhaskaran at Kolathur near Kondotty on Friday, alleging that he violated the model code of conduct for elections by using his official vehicle to attend a programme organised by Left supporters.

The Mayor was to inaugurate an airport march by the Malabar Chamber of Commerce and the Janakeeya Samiti of Calicut International Airport in protest against the alleged neglect of Malabar’s passengers by Air India.

Mr. Bhaskaran claimed that he was heading for the airport to meet airport director G. Chandramouli and officials of the national carrier to discuss the problems caused by the recent rescheduling and cancellations of some Air India flights. However, Youth Congress activists insisted that the Mayor use his official vehicle to attend an agitation spearheaded by a group of people owing allegiance to the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

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