Suggestion for customer service – My Letters – THE NATIONAL – Dt. 20.09.2010

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My Letters – THE NATIONAL – Dt. 20.09.2010 – Suggestion for customer service

Suggestions for customer service

With the initiative of setting up business centres at shopping malls, Etisalat has made it easier for its customers to pay telephone bills and obtain new services.

One such centre working very efficiently is the one in Abu Dhabi Mall. However, the sheer popularity of it has created a new problem. Many business customers visit this centre, which has only one or two staff members to complete their transactions. This means more waiting for individual customers, who at times have to wait for more than 30 minutes till the customer in front completes a set of 15 or more bills.

The staff and system access at these counters are not meant for complex transactions and queries which create more delays.

I suggest that the Etisalat authorities provide more staff at business centres like Abu Dhabi Mall and also operate a separate counter for corporate customers so that individual customers need not wait for long.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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