Onam 2014

Onam Sadhya at India Social and Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi

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Onam Sadhya at India Social and Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi

If I say, Onam is celebrated more abroad than in Kerala, it may prove to be true.

The photos here are just one example of a collective effort that keralites do to celebrate Onam in the Gulf.

At India Social and India Social & Cultural Centre, Abu Dhabi it is extra special.

With all the utensils and ever ready volunteers and the guidance of experts, an Onam lunch for about 2000 plus guests is as simple as you make your breakfast at home in the morning.

I really have to praise the efforts of all those involved in serving a delicious lunch of this magnitude whenever it happens. Credits to all silent heroes who work hard and make these events a big success.

26 September 2014