Eid wishes from my heart to those who connect!

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Every morning, it is a routine for me to cycle about 10 to 15 kms across the length and breadth of the Abu Dhabi cycle tracks, within the city.

It is an attempt to keep fit and also to connect. True, with those silent heroes who start working, as early as 5:00 am to keep our city clean.

Today, was my day to meet them and say thank you in a different way. I am really happy to bring smile on their faces.

There are some surprise elements too. First one, is none other than Mr. Mumtaz, about whom I have written a few years ago. He has been our #KhaleejTimes newspaper boy for about 25 years. Finishing with that job, he now try to meet his ends as an Arabic teacher for those children who wish to learn the language in a simple way, in his own style. He was my primary connecting factor to keep my subscription of Khaleej Times news still on!.

Moving on, I also meet Noor Ul Haq, an Afghani, landscaping worker of Abu Dhabi Municipality. Every morning I meet him during my cycling. I used to watch him singing Afghani lullabies in his own way. Several times I asked him, shall I audio record his singing or video shoot it. He said no, but he allowed me to listen!. Today, he has agreed, one day it will happen!.

Life goes on… it is holiday time for several of us… But, there are several others who are working and are in dire straits. Remember them during this blessed time. I assure you, if you do it….YOU CAN SEE SMILES AROUND….

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