Earth Hour 2020 – Stay at home and Do It Yourself Activities

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Earth Hour 2020 – Stay at home and Do It Yourself Activities


Today 28th March is Earth Hour Day. Since it is a compulsory #stayathome day in most of the places, why not we all try and share as comments how they engaged themselves and celebrated the 1 hour at home with family. Hope, all will be interested.

To all participants, it is to respect and underline our environmental responsibility and repeat our pledge to protect the planet earth and its limited natural resources.

For your information, approximately 323 megawatts of energy is saved in Dubai alone during earth hour (2018 data).

Earth Hour, started in 2007 at Sydney, Australia is now celebrated in more than 7000 cities and towns across 187 countries to raise awareness on energy consumption.

Really look forward to creative participation with family from all of you

Do it Yourself activities:  – Earth Hour Selfie with your family

Create a selfie board and During Earth Hour take a photo with your family with a caption connecting Earth Hour that you think best!

Post it with #TalentShare and #EarthHour2020

Do it Yourself activities:  Earth Hour Earth Hour Art Competition  with your family:

Brief your children the importance of protecting and keeping our environment clean. Guide them to observe the nature and the proceedings with keenness.  Encourage them to draw or paint and present what they feel about Earth Hour and its importance. Scan it and post it with #TalentShare and #EarthHour2020

Looking forward to your collective participation.

#StaySafe and #StayAtHome

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