News Update: Safety first: UAE suspends major events to beat coronavirus

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Safety first: UAE suspends major events to beat coronavirus–1

Many upcoming major entertainment events in the nation’s capital and Dubai are under consideration following the new coronavirus outbreak in the UAE. (Coronavirus outbreak: All the latest updates)

Tips to protect oneself at an event: 

– Maintain mouth and nose barriers by wearing masks

– Maintain optimal hand hygiene

– Use a hand sanitizer with 90 per cent alcohol

– Clean surfaces of mobile phones and other gadgets

– Avoid touching surfaces

– Wash hands repeatedly

– Avoid touching your face

– To sneeze, use wipes or cough on to a sleeve

– Don’t share food and beverages at venues

– Use disposable plates and cutlery

– Don’t share cutlery

– Organisers must ask staff members to stay alert and appoint health inspectors onsite

– Avoid handshakes and hugs if possible

Read more at: Khaleej Times

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