TALENT SHARE turns 10!

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http://talentshare.blogspot.com/ and http://team1talentshare.blogspot.com/ is an initiative I started on 6th October 2008.

What a surprise! Incidentally, it’s the 10th anniversary day of it today.

Talent Share is a creative concept with the motto “A Talent or Knowledge Within You Is To Be Shared”.  It is because I strongly believe, if you do not share your talent or knowledge, it will die with you, whereas if you pass it on, you will remain immortal.

It was created to promote non-performing talent among children, especially, those with painting, sketching, poetry writing, story writing etc. I felt that those children with musical abilities or dancing skills always stole the limelight at school and public programmes whereas those who excelled in other areas remained sidelined.

I encouraged parents to request their children to draw, write and then present to me their creative skills as jpeg files and/or record their children performing on musical instruments and send to me the clippings and then posted them on this blog giving them individual page link.

It took time to convince them, but then, it was accepted wholeheartedly and at some point of time, membership of TalentShare Facebook page went above 600 participating children.

It was an answer to those parents who found it difficult to manage time for children, taking them to dedicated training institutes or gurus for developing their skills. A group of us guided them, encouraged both the parents and children to devote a few minutes per week for developing their innate talent. The result was amazing!.

We held competitions monthly and gave prizes to all the participating kids, without selecting them as first, second, third prize winners.  Students from schools in all over UAE and even from India, Singapore, Qatar, Bahrain, and Australia participated in the activities.

As days evolved, several other options and opportunities came to children, many of them copying this concept without imbibing its actual intentions. I still continue to promote any such talent whenever I identify them, through a dedicated FB group for Talent Share.

( https://www.facebook.com/groups/Team1TalentShare/ )

At the time Talent Share celebrates its 10th anniversary, I wish to remember and thank all the children who participated in the initial days and made it a success. I also thank Ms. Seema Shetty, of NMC group, who was confident enough to support me with gifts for many monthly competitions.

I also thank Vijayettan, Godfrey Antony,  Shaji Vallikkattiri, RJ Charu of 89.7 Hum FM and many parents from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah  for encouraging me to come out each time with new creative activities, some of them still remain unmatched. Sincere thanks to also my family for supporting all my creative pursuits.

If you identify a person who has a talent or knowledge skills that you believe should get promoted, please do not think for even a fraction of a second. Now you know where to present his skills. #TalentShare.

To know more, you may contact me on rameshmenonabudhabi@gmail.com

Once again, sincere thanks for your continued support.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

6th October 2018

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