Taste It – GingheeO rice

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05 August 2017 - GingheeO rice

Taste It recipe – GingheeO rice

I believe always “Cooking is an art”. Enjoy doing it whenever I get a chance. Although I do it regularly, it is long time I have shared a content to “Taste It” section of my site. Here it is today. Time to test it and taste it.

GingheeO rice (GingerGheeOnion Rice)

Items required:

  1. 2 cup of rice
  2. Fresh ginger cut into fine pieces
  3. Small Onion, nicely cut – 15
  4. Green chillee, cut into small pieces – 4
  5. Ghee – 3 teaspoon full
  6. Coconut oil – 3 teaspoon full
  7. Salt – add to taste

Keep on one burner the vessel to cook rice and start boiling water. Add the 2 cup of rice into it when the water boils. Continue to boil and when it is 3/4th ready add 1 spoon of ghee and then little salt into it. On a parallel burner keep the frying pan (preferably large with sufficient space and volume) and add coconut oil and remaining ghee to it. When it warms up to the required temperature, add nicely cut small onions into it. Fry it to a moderately good color and crispiness and then add the green chillies and little salt to it.

By this time the rice would have boiled to the required level. Add it to the pan and mix well with the fried items in the pan. Continue to simmer the process for a few more minutes. It should be ready by now. Garnish it with cloves and fresh small onions and close the pan with its lid to let it extract the qualities of the spices in the vaporized atmosphere created.

Time for lunch and enjoy GingheeO rice with sweet and natural aroma coming out of it. Good for children and adults alike. Quick, easy and tasty.

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