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An ever inspiring personality

I always believe that our life and day-to-day happenings are similar to a journey in a passenger train. We begin from one station with people starting with us at the same time. In between new passengers come into the train from a station on the way. Some of them remain silent without interacting with us. But some get very close to us and remain forever as a good friend, whom we think we had known for a longer time before and look forward to interact from then on.

I am talking about a little girl, who was born in Abu Dhabi on March 9, 1972 to great parents, who were actively involved in community service in the 70s and instrumental in the formation of several prestigious associations for men and women from the Indian Community.

Taking cue from the parents and with inborn talents, she grew up and blossomed, excelling in arts, sports and culture and spread her wings as she got married to a young man.

A mother of two inspiring boys, equally talented in many fields, she was an active member of her college alumni and also the India Social and Cultural Centre Women’s Wing. In addition, she actively participated in the activities of Critical-illness Care Cell known as the CCC in Abu Dhabi, counselling patients who are in their serious nature of illness at a time when they need solace and support.

She was elected winner of the prestigious “Cancer Warrior of the Year” Award given by the ISC Women’s Forum in 2014.  A hard-fought cancer fighter, Jasmine Godfrey was an inspiring personality for all friends and family.

She left this world  on the night of, Thursday, 26th January 2017.  With deep regret I inform the demise of Jasmine this morning at her residence in Trivandrum.

She was a great human being with lot of courage and confidence and fought this battle with smile on her face all the time. Even when I met her on December 28th at Trivandrum, she was full of enthusiasm. The song posted here was recorded by Godfrey and Jasmine on the eve of her departure from Abu Dhabi, which turned out to be her final. A friend and leader to many, a great artist, with commitment and devotion, a great mother, great colleague… several roles she played at the same time with ease.

May god bless her soul to rest in peace. May her family get the courage to move on. She will always be there in our heart, as you all will be too. We are always with you.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

27th January 2017

Presenting here below some of her songs.



Abu Dhabi’s Volcano Fountain: a fire that never went out

Jasmine Godfrey, who was born in Abu Dhabi 41 years ago, remembers many “joyous” times with her family and young friends at the landmark. “We used to spend most of our time there,” she says. “Wherever you are, you come over there to meet us.”


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    Deepa Venkat said:
    February 1, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Moved. She is still living in our memories. Tnx Ramesh


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