Hopes and Dreams for 2017

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I am just an ordinary expatriate who came to the UAE with lots of hopes and dreams in 1987!. Life has evolved and revolved over the years of my stay in the UAE. I am happy to say that I lived most of my life in the UAE. The journey has not been easy for me all these years. I am worried about the number of people, close family members  who have been affected by cancer. Some has already left this world and some fighting it out. I want to support all those who are affected by cancer, some way or other. Also, important is my orientation to promote talent and knowledge through my own initiative called “Talent Share” with a motto – a talent or knowledge within you is to be shared. True, what is the point of having a skill within you, if you are not willing to share it and pass it on to someone who is willing to propagate it!. It is a challenge, as many people who are talented hold on to it without passing on the skills to a second or third person. If we have to live an immortal life, we have to share our skills or talent or knowledge to those around. Remember Talent Share – with the motto “A talent or knowledge within you is to be shared”. Visit www.team1talentshare.blogspot.com and support it.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

1st January 2017

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