Tabalatronic in Abu Dhabi – an international musical fusion event

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Tabalatronic 2.jpg

Tabalatronic by Subash Dhunoohchand and Ramesh Menon

Alliance Française Abu Dhabi is organizing Tablatronic, an international musical fusion event, on Friday, 30th September 2016 at Novotel Al Bustan Ballroom, Abu Dhabi.

The event will have Subhash Dhunoohchand (from Réunion Island) and Ramesh Menon (from Abu Dhabi), performing on various percussion instruments at this cine-concert of worldwide music and an exhibition of fascinating images of Réunion Island.

Performing on stage along with them will be Solange and Nino, the singers of Gayamb, a Creole band that used to play in Reunion Island many years ago. They play original and traditional songs with this particular rhythm from the Indian Ocean called “Sega”: a music mixed from African, Indian and European origins, reflecting the great melting pot of people in Réunion Island that live together for centuries in harmony. Their recent performances included Southern Africa, Bahrain, Oman as well as in UAE.

Tabalatronic tickets can be availed online on Time Out (online) and at Alliance Francaise (paper ticket – contact 02 6122900).

If you, or any of your friends are interested, kindly extend the invitation to them. I will be happy to arrange passes for them to be attend.

Thanks and sincere regards for your support.


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