An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with ClicksandWrites – Mrs. Sharmili Nash

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An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with ClicksandWrites – Mrs. Sharmili Nash / Winner – Mobile Photography category.

Passionate Photographers group and Team1 TalentShare blogs conducted a photography competition in connection with the recently held ISC-IPEF Travel and Tourism Expo 2016.

I am happy to announce that Mrs. Sharmili Nash has been selected as winner in the “Mobile Clicks” category of the event.

The winner will get a Merit Certificate and other gifts.

20160521_171834-1.jpgMy sincere congratulations to Mrs. Sharmili Nash who is an inspiring mother, promoter of talent, an artist by herself and of course a Passionate Photographer who uses her mobile to click wonderful photos.

On behalf of ClicksandWrites, it was an added opportunity to communicate with Mrs. Sharmili Nash and know about her aspirations as a Passionate Photographer.




Presenting to you her Prize Winning Click:

Winning moment video Passionate Photographs of India 7 - Final presentation for Award.jpg


And her certificate:


Certificate for participants Passionate Photographs of India 2016 for printing - Sharmili Nash.jpg

Welcome to read on An Inspiring Moment shared with ClicksandWrites – Mrs. Sharmili Nash

About her life in Abu Dhabi and her passions:

Sharmili has been living in AbuDhabi for the past 17 years and is married to Mr. Nash who works for National Bank of AbuDhabi. She did her Degree in Psychology and MBA in Infotmation Technology and run a ladies dress boutique with her friend.

Mrs. Nash is also the managing partner of a dance & music institute in AbuDhabi.

Photography is one of her passion!.

Talent within the family:

Her two daughters – Lina Syed and Hannah Syed. Both children are trained classical dancers and also into painting and sketching and have won prizes in various competitions.

Some of Lina Syed’s creative works can be viewed at Talent Share blog

Shaikh Hamdan Award

Recently her younger daughter Hannah Syed received the prestigious Shaikh Hamdan Award for Distinguished Performance.

I wish Mrs. Sharmili Nash many more success in her life journey ahead. 


Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

3rd June 2016

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