Wish they were cricketers! India Seniors Volleyball team at Abu Dhabi airport :- Campaign PASS – Promote All Sports Simultaneously

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Campaign PASS or Campaign – Promote All Sports Simultaneously is intended to encourage all sports activities and personnel simultaneously for their growth and excellence in respective field.

It could be termed as a deliberate attempt to generate more corporate attention and support towards all Track and Field sporting events other than Cricket, which obviously gets the best for the game and players.

The thought evolved during the 2010 Common Wealth Games, I was looking for opportunities to promote how it could be done. The first of the series came automatically with the news report of Indian Football team’s schedule to train in Dubai.

It is my special appeal to all Indian Social organisations and interested Corporate and Business units to show more support and encouragement to all sports equally.

Let us take the first step and let it begin from this moment. I hope that it will be towards bigger achievement for the sport and all the athletes in common.

A Face Book group has been created to promote this initiative. Please click on the link and join this group and promote it among your contacts.
your contacts.

+ Click Campaign Pass FB group to join.

Please share the FB group and also any sports activity you wish to highlight through it.

Thank you for your support and encouragement to promote it.

Just an example #ifyouarenotacricketplayer

Wish they were cricketers! India Seniors Volleyball team at Abu Dhbi airport

This is the Indian Senior Volley Ball team on their way back to Madras after winning a prestigious tournament. I met them at Abu Dhabi Duty Free. There was no fanfare, no one even asking them who they were.

I happened to meet them, the Indian Senior Men’s Volley Ball Team members at the Abu Dhabi Duty Free on 28th August 2011. They were returning to Madras via Abu Dhabi after winning the 18TH NURSULTAN NAZARBAYEV PRESIDENT’S CUP INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN beating Tunisia in the finals held on 27th August.

Things have improved for many sports since 2012-13. But, there is still a long way to go. We must come out together and encourage all sports which build a good and energetic and intelligent person in everyone.

I wrote this post and kept the title “Campaign PASS – Promote All Sports Simultaneously” for about 3 hours. Not many interests!. Thought, let me bring cricket into it and changed the title to “Wish they were cricketers! India Seniors Volleyball team at Abu Dhabi airport :- Campaign PASS – Promote All Sports Simultaneously”. Curiously waiting the response!.  

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